Crich Stand and Tramway Museum

(Photo Credit: Crich Tramway Website)

Crich Tramway Museum is open again after winter, so we couldn’t resist heading over there.

It was a day of two halves – the Tramway Village brought a beautiful spring day; the walk up to the Crich Stand, weaving ever upwards, was still knee-deep in snow.

We trail along the Woodland Walk, the boys hunting for not just the show-stopping wooden carvings, but also the dainty fairy doors and faces carved into tree stumps. The wild garlic pushes eagerly through the cold ground, the first pungent scent pervading the senses. Within the week it will be overpowering.

Find more info on wild garlic here.

We ride the tram to the start of the walk up to the Crich Stand. It’s covered in snow. Driving to Crich we saw snow still lingering along hedgerows and in forgotten corners, but here it is deep. The children squeal and fling themselves towards it with no care for soggy boots or bottoms.

I check my phone for local geocaches, coming up trumps, and we follow a path we’ve never noticed before, slipping downhill with ease. It’s an easy find, the clue straightforward and child-friendly and within moments the boys are swapping trinkets and signing the logbook.

The second geocache we found was close to Crich Stand and definitely not quite where it should be – but big enough not to be too difficult for children.

We picnic at the top, after climbing to the top of the memorial. The wind howls around us, step after step, twisting to the top. The wind took our breath away as we take in the view. We look out towards the city we call home and it feels like the best place in the world.

The boys spend so little time riding the trams today. We ignore the Museum and the workshops. Mostly we walk and play and search for geocaches. We have so many good memories of this place, and hopefully so many more to come.

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