New Year Pledges

New Year Pledges – Get Out With the Kids

(Image from Get Out With the Kids)

I love this idea. Essentially it’s New Year’s resolutions for getting outdoors and increasing the amount of time your family spend in nature. They’ll email you every two months to encourage you to complete your pledges.

What have I pledged?

  • A week camping in London to visit all the big museums.

  • Investigate some more quarries around the Peak District to find a new place for fossil hunting (our last two favourite quarries have been closed to make way for building houses).

  • Summer of 100 miles – cover 100 miles by walking/running/bike/scooters.

  • Visit at least one new place in the Peak District every month.

  • Complete the RSPB Wild Challenge. (RSPB Website)

  • Invest in a National Trust membership.

  • Visit Saltwick Bay, Yorkshire to go fossil hunting.

  • Finally get our vegetable garden finished.

  • Plant three new flower beds around the garden.

  • Go wild swimming more often.

  • Spend more time camping.

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