Misty Mornings

The mist never lifted today, which although bleak and wintry, made a stunning backdrop to a mid-December morning. We headed to a new park, with a beautiful play area.

These are some of my favourite days – simple Monday mornings with a cup of coffee as I watch the boys run over the BMX track and scale to the top of the climbing tower. Their cheeks are rosy, hair tousled from thrown off hats and their breath forms little puffs of warmth that blur their features as I watch them.

I never understood those people who mutter under their breath about hating Mondays. I love the promise of a new week, and as the day draws to a close we can be found tucked up in bed reading together; the candles burning brightly and the curtains shut against the devouring darkness.

It might be Monday, and it might be misty with sub-zero temperatures caressing the edges of the day, but life is full of warmth. Christmas is fast approaching and with it the promise of a new year. January 1st – the matriarch of Mondays – the first day of a new year full of potential. What’s there not to love?

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