Darley Park, Derby

I’ve visited Darley Park numerous times and never known that it accommodates the largest collection of hydrangeas in the U.K.

Admittedly, November wasn’t the best time to stumble upon it as most of the plants are losing their flowers in preparation for winter, but there were a few solitary blooms still peeking out.

Yet I do find the tawny, dying flowers somewhat beautiful and we spent a little while wandering down the overgrown pathways.

I have to confess that this is not one of my favourite parks. I have friends that practically live here, and summer always brings a few nice picnics by the river with those same friends. But mostly, I find this park a little dreary.

There are some beautiful trees, gnarled and twisted into grotesque, unnatural looking shapes. The grounds are well-kept, the cafe friendly and welcoming. There’s just something about the park that I don’t particularly enjoy.

At least I know to visit in summer, when the hydrangeas will be back to their finest.

Oh, and rocks. More rocks to add to our collection ready to re-hide.

Derbyshire Rocks

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