Home Education

Week in the Life: Home Ed.

Friday was our first free day for a while so we made the most of it. We’ve all been sleeping later thanks to the darker mornings and I’m enjoying the slower starts to the days. I’ve finally shrugged off the exhaustion that was sitting so heavily on my shoulders – it feels good. 

The boys are still castle-mad after visiting Kidwelly Castle so I printed out a template to make a castle and some cone castle folk – knights, peasants, jesters and dragons. 

Whizz Pop Bang magazine is fast becoming my new Bible – and our home ed. days are largely centred around them. The latest issue contained an experiment to make bendy bones, so I dug through my boys’ prized possessions to find the skeleton of a small dog we found a while back (because, you know, small piles of bones (teeth and all) are a necessity in the life of a six year old boy). 

We head to forest school where the boys make a campfire, toasting bagels and marshmallows with delight. They play in the leaves, the sun slung low in the sky. We picnic on the steps before heading to the play area, and it feels good to make the most of these last sunny days before the frosts set in. 

In other news: 

The boys have been pestering me to ‘do some work’ so who am I to refuse that request? We’ve been putting things in alphabetical order and getting my eldest more comfortable with his numbers. He’s finally wanting to learn them, which is awesome. 

The boys have also asked to practice their handwriting. I printed out these free sheets for the boys to copy and colour: Charlotte’s Web Copy Work

We head to the Tramway Museum in Crich for the last time before it shuts for winter. The woodland walk is decorated for Halloween and the boys love it. We head up to the Crich Stand and admire the views. The boys cover miles, chasing their friends and playing hide and seek.

The boys help me to make meals for the freezer: sweet potato and courgette chilli, sausage and bean hot pot and pasta sauces. The days are seemingly busier with each week that passes, and I need some room to breathe on the dinner front. It feels as if I’m either shopping for dinner, preparing dinner, cooking dinner or clearing up dinner all day, every day. It’s never-ending, so I’ve enlisted the boys to help me fill up the freezer. 

Today we’re clearing up ready for our bonfire party tomorrow. I’m getting stressed, as usual, because the house isn’t clean enough, and I’m trying to remind myself that I’ve invited 30 children over to traipse muddy footprints through my house. How clean does it need to be to start with?! 

That aside, we’re off to pick up some fireworks and then the boys are going to carve their pumpkins. The sun is trying to peek through the clouds, my cup of tea is sweet and hot, and my children are happy. Aside from a clean house, what else do we need right now? 

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