Day in the Life: Home Ed.

It’s 19.24 and I’m nestled into the sofa. The patio doors are open and it’s dark outside already. I love these darker evenings. I sit with the cool air caressing me from the open door, and the warmth from the radiator behind me slipping over my shoulders. 

It’s wasteful, and it drives my husband nutty, but it’s a feeling I love – doors wide open and the heating on. Best of both worlds.

But back to home education, which is what this post is meant to be about…

Does rock collecting count? Not the usual fossil hunting in disused quarries sprawled across the White Peak, but the painted, lacquered variety hidden by small children in a bid to bring joy to people’s lives. That kind. We love it. 

Um… Reading Eggs. The boys are still meticulously working their way through the levels. I frequently come down in the morning to find a trail of cereal leading from the kitchen to the table to the computer desk; where the boys chivvy each other along, three sets of knobbly elbows jostling for space and their owners sounding out unfamiliar words. 

The boys help me to cook, which is always a blessing. It’s rare that I have to make lunch these days. I’ve been promoted from dinnerlady to lunch supervisor and it’s blissful. All I have to do is supervise the liberal spreading of peanut butter and the precarious slicing of kiwis and we’re good to go. My youngest helps me to peel vegetables for dinner and if nothing else, these boys of mine will be able to cook by the time they leave home. 

We begin working our way through the latest issue of Whizz, Pop, Bang magazine, learning all about seeds. My middle boy writes a list of everything we need for the experiments, and in turn, I make vague promises about when I’ll actually get around to picking the items up at the shop. 

I’m promising myself we’ll crack on once October is over, reminding myself that the reason we worked so diligently over the summer holidays was so that we could relax over September and October. 

And in other news, forest school is restarting next week, which is our Wednesday’s fully booked for the foreseeable future. We’ll be by the bonfire, roasting marshmallows, identifying creatures with more legs than I feel it’s necessary to have, and you know, other educational things. Honest. 

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