Isle of Wight

We’ve been in the Isle of Wight this last week. 

It’s been amazing.

6 a.m. rolls around and I slip on my shoes to take Muttley down to the beach. We watch the sun rise over the ocean, the lights  of waiting ships twinkling softly in the watery light. The beach is empty and it’s a beautiful way to start the day. 

The boys join me one day and spend time dipping in the rockpools while the tide is out. By lunchtime there is no sign of the rocks beneath the water so instead they skim stones on the water and find stones with holes in for me to make jewellery. 

I could list all the things we did this week, but I’m not going to. Instead, I’ll briefly mention that we spent time with one of my most favourite people. We visited beach after beach, eating chips and ice cream. We found crabs on the shoreline. After getting soaked in the rain we slip into pyjamas and dry off in front of the fire. Mostly, we just enjoyed being a family. 

I sit looking through the photos of another batch of memories, pleased that we’re blessed enough to be able to come here time and time again. 

It takes us 8 hours to get home in a car filled with soggy laundry, half a beach worth of sand and bags of shells.

I miss the ocean already. 

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