Home Education

Day in the Life: Home Ed. 

It’s 6.46 a.m. and my boys are already sat at the computer practicing their spellings on Reading Eggs. My youngest has built a lorry park beneath their feet just to be as loud and irritating as he possibly can at this time in the morning. The dog brings me a half-chewed bottle top looking pleased as punch. 

I ignore it all and focus on my cup of tea like my life depends on it. Tiredness is scraping the bones of me and I sit here slumped on the sofa mentally preparing myself for another day. 

My eldest looks out of the patio doors and exclaims, ‘it looks like it’s going to be another beautiful day!’ 

People have been saying we’ve had a terrible summer and I find myself annoyed at them. It’s been beautiful, and it’s not over yet

We’ve been working our way through last month’s Whizz Pop Bang magazine as we sit outside on the patio table.

All around us is rubble, waiting for the arrival of a skip. My husband plods on rebuilding a retaining wall, one of the last few big jobs before we can officially call it quits on the garden. My eldest helps to dig out the foundations of the wall, and then to remove all the soil in preparation for putting in wooden sleepers. 

We make chromatography flowers together in the sunshine, using every felt pen we own to create beautiful colours. 

We build a model of a flower, adding the stigma and stamen, discussing pollination. 

My middle boy makes a fidget spinner, despite having been given one for his birthday. He’s pleased with the wonky result and the best thing is that it actually works! 

Together we make ice cream: blueberry, coconut and lime. Little hands zesting limes as the spray of citrus invades my senses. 

The lethargy refuses to leave me and I weave through the day wishing for respite. With three boys full of spirit, it never comes. Bedtime rolls around, and instead of falling asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow as he usually does, my youngest creates havoc for three hours. The peace and solitude I so desperately need seems incredibly far away right now. 

As the day closes around me, all three boys finally sleeping, I slip into the bath to wash this day off me.

Roll on tomorrow. 

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