Home Education

Day in the Life: Home Ed. 

We wake to a thick layer of mist coating the morning, making a welcome change from the sheer volume of rain we’ve had lately. 

My husband gets up with the boys and I stay in bed, drinking tea and listening to the world wake outside the open window. It makes a welcome change and I embrace the slow start to the day. My back hurts from the gravel we cleared yesterday; a dull ache that weighs heavily on me. 

When I finally drag myself from the warm sheets that smell so delightfully of my husband’s aftershave, we read Dr. Seuss books together. Our legs are tangled as we squash onto the sofa which seems to get smaller with each day that passes. My littlest boy rests his head on my shoulder, the way he always does. 

We make toast, still in pyjamas, then begrudgingly get dressed. The mist is still draped over the morning, hazy and seamless. It seems so comfortable. At any rate, it makes me want to stay home instead of going swimming with friends. 

But swimming we go, a Tuesday ritual that adds rhythm to our days as they pass through the seasons.

Daddy comes swimming today and my middle boy shows him his new found confidence under the water, twisting and turning and diving. I love how much they enjoy swimming. Endless shouts of, ‘Mum, look at me! Watch me dive!’ 

Returning home for a late lunch, we spend the afternoon in the garden, knocking down a retaining wall and loading the car up for the first of many tip runs. As I stitch patches over torn knees on the boys’ jeans, we sit together around the patio table soaking up the warmth. 

In other news, over the last week:

~ Visiting some of our favourite places.

~ A craft from Whizz Pop Bang magazine, accompanying an article on layers of the ocean. 

~ A make your own volcano kit my middle boy received for his birthday, which was somewhat fun, but mostly just left us all smelling faintly of vinegar for the rest of the day. 

~ Chocolate courgette cake, to use up some courgettes that were given to us. Followed by this: 

~ Happiness.

~ Making ice-cream, whereby a picture of the blackberries was nicer than the finished bright purple ice cream in a neon yellow bowl result. 

​~ The simplest science experiment for the boys to gain understanding of water pressure. (I’m struggling with this video – it appears to have sound if I view it online, but not through the WordPress app. It’d be great if you could let me know if it has sound from your end.) 

But mostly, as the mist still clings stubbornly to the day, I forget that this is home education. Instead I enjoy the days, watching my boys grow and change.

We spend time with friends for a picnic, we visit others for coffee and a play – 5 boys piled on the top bunk playing make believe. We visit Wickes and subsequently put in a fence post and panel. We book a trip to Wales to see family. 

In the meantime, it’s fast approaching September and the patio doors are still wide open. I’m going to enjoy it while I can. 

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