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Day in the Life: Home Ed.

I’ve been meaning to post more on home education since I started this blog, but I haven’t yet found a voice I like to run through our days. I can’t bear to write posts ‘First we…… then we…….. after that…….then…..’ I don’t want it to read like a teenager’s science experiment write up, but inevitably it does. 

Yet here I am, 8 months down the line of blogging, and I’ve deleted too many of these posts to even count. 

I’ve decided to just start writing and posting, and hopefully they’ll flow a bit more smoothly with time. 

Apologies, in the meantime.

The morning started early after a weekend of birthday celebrations. Within moments of waking, bleary eyed and pyjama-clad, my middle boy was sat at the table to continue with the Lego project he started yesterday: an enormous prison on its own island, with a helicopter and landing pad, policemen, bad guys, boats, a hot air balloon….. 

He finally finishes it just before dinner, and his sense of pride is infectious. It’s taken him two days to build and he’s done it all on his own. 

The boys sat together after breakfast to do some Reading Eggs, which is really helping with their fluency. I mostly leave them to it, but stay present enough to help them if they need it. 

We read the latest copy of Whizz, Pop, Bang: Secrets of the Deep. This is a new  subscription for us, but the boys love it. I’ve figured out what QR codes are many years too late, but we’re loving the secret worlds behind them from magazine pages. 

Later this week we have plans to try two experiments from the magazine, helping the boys to understand water pressure, and a craft showing the different zones in the ocean. 

My eldest helped me to cook dinner. Weighing out lentils and measuring out sweet smoked paprika, cumin, ground coriander, oregano. He crushes garlic, peels and chops carrots, pours kidney beans and tomatoes into a bubbling pan. Later, he helps me to make a nectarine and plum crumble. Snack time led to us discovering the plums were over ripe; their jewel like skin beginning to pucker, the first signs of imminent decay. 

As dinner is cooking on the stove and my middle boy continues building Lego, my eldest is painting polystyrene planets on the patio table – a birthday gift we never quite got round to doing back in May. He studies the pictures, mixes the acrylic paint and sets to work. The kit contains Pluto and we discuss its status as a planet. 

Topics covered today: shipwrecks (specifically The Mary Rose – we’re going to try and visit the museum in Portsmouth when we visit the Isle of Wight in September), the effect of plastic on the ocean and how we can help, how plastic is finding its way into our bodies through water bottles/plastic food containers/cups, watching a submersible dive down into the ocean for a research project, water pressure, the different zones of the ocean and the animals which live in each one, the solar system, weighing out food, reading out recipes. 

And as always, we read. Endlessly. Passionately. We read. 


Greg Foot – Dive to the Deep

The Mary Rose

A Plastic Ocean – Film Trailer

Whizz, Pop, Bang Magazine 

Reading Eggs

2 thoughts on “Day in the Life: Home Ed.

  1. No apologies! I enjoy reading your blog and admire your writing. I believe you have found your voice! I’ve been meaning to post about our home school days. I’ve failed miserably so far for all my tales are in my hand written journals that have yet seen the light of day. Not to say I don’t think about it all the time, though!
    Blog on!


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