It’s July and the half way point of the year has passed me by. The longest day of the year came and went and just like that the days are getting shorter again. I sit outside each evening soaking up the last few hours of the day as I sip scalding green tea.

These last few weeks have seen me take a breather from friendships. I’ve made more time to spend with just us, this little family of five that brings me so much joy. 

We’ve been camping with friends. The boys got caught up in the excitement of finally buying sleeping bags and cooking over a camp stove. A beautiful play area. An enormous tub of popcorn. Early mornings sitting on damp grass in pyjamas. And somehow, the lazy afternoon that followed, with takeaway food and watching James and the Giant Peach was just as enjoyable as the camping itself. Sleepy boys worn out from too much excitement and a late night.

Today brought pond dipping at a favourite haunt. Disposable BBQ’s with pakoras and sausages, houmous, peppers, cucumber and cous cous. Skinny dipping. The simple pleasures of small boys.

The boys paddle in the garden. They spend hours trying to master the monkey-bars. We eat outside every chance we get. The scent of sun cream lingers long after cool showers at the end of the day. Fresh pyjamas and clean, line dried sheets. 

It’s summer. And my goodness, does it feel good. 

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