Day 20 – Fruit Garlands (30 Days Wild)

Our garden is full of birds right now. The wood pigeons that lumber so clumsily and serenade me every morning, without fail. The dunnocks that dance so daintily, splashing in the boys’ paddling pool as we watch from the window. The blackbirds that sing on an evening; a song that never fails to remind me of my childhood. 

This morning we walked to Aldi with the sole purpose of buying fruit for the birds. The boys each chose some fruit: apples, grapes and blueberries. 

Returning home, we sliced the apples and then I turfed them out onto the patio with a plastic craft needle and a length of wool. With the utmost concentration, the boys threaded each piece of fruit onto the wool creating an epic fruit garland for our feathered friends. 

Once finished, we tied it up to the fence panels and spent the afternoon watching the birds thieving from our rainbow garland. We sat by the window finishing James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl and getting lost in his magical story-telling.

Such a simple activity, but one that entertained the children for a long time. 

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