Days 17/18 – Family (30 Days Wild)

I chose not to post this weekend. Not because we haven’t been getting outside, but because we were spending time with family and it was good to just put my phone down for a couple of days.

Saturday some new friends came over for an alfresco dinner and to help finish the shed base. The boys helped with loading up the cement mixer and then adding water. They dutifully filled the wheelbarrows over and over, weaving precariously down the side of the house with them once full. They were splashed with cement and didn’t have a care in the world. 

We sat with ice cold lemonades enjoying the sun, dipping dusty feet in the paddling pool. The boys ate burgers with fast melting cheese, spiced cous cous, falafels and houmous. Their lips were stained with the juice from freshly sliced beetroot. My youngest crunched on wedges of yellow pepper. 

Sunday the boys rose early, as they always do. Within moments the patio doors are flung wide open and they disappear outside. We are serenaded by the gentle clucking of the hens, the soft gurgle they make so effortlessly as they scratch in the dirt. The boys eat cereal in the deck chairs we didn’t put away the night before and I join them with strong black coffee. The sky is bright and clear, heralding the arrival of another beautiful day. The wrens sit with chests puffed out singing their song. 

It’s Fathers Day and the boys are covered in felt pen after having drawn endless pictures on cards for Daddy. He ambles down the stairs, pyjama clad and aching from yesterday’s work, and the boys throw themselves at him full of love. 

The day was spent with family, those precious times with folk you just don’t see enough of. Time and distance between you. Soaking up the sun. Laughter. 

Now Monday rolls round. 7.30 a.m. and already the boys are in the paddling pool, doors and windows wide open. The dog seeks the shadows under the patio table as the temperature rises steadily. 

It’s going to be a good day.