Day 15 – Park, Paddling, More Parks and BMX (30 Days Wild)

I feel as if we’re not accomplishing much this week with 30 Days Wild. While we’ve been outside pretty much all day every day – they’re just normal days for us. 

It’s been a busy week, chock full of plans and we’ve not had the time to take a breather. 

This morning was spent with friends at the park. The boys splashed in the paddling pool, throwing balls, aiming water guns at everything in sight and soaking up the sun. 

After an early dinner, my two older boys went to a BMX session at another park with their father. They’ve returned home exhausted, scabs quickly forming on bloody elbows, bruised backs and scraped hands. They loved it. 

Within 20 minutes of being home the boys are scrubbed and in pyjamas. They sleep soundly, the way they always do. Fresh air, sunshine, adrenaline and exhilaration. What better way to end the day for three small boys?