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Day 6 – Foraging and Cooking with Wild Garlic (30 Days Wild)

A friend recently asked me if I knew what wild garlic looked like. While I instantly zoomed in on the dainty white alliums, I wasn’t 100% sure. All I knew was that familiar scent that pervades the senses. It surrounded us. 

I committed to learning something new, however small, and I came home to look up wild garlic. It was indeed what I had thought it was. There followed a search for recipes in which to use the garlic, and I added the other ingredients to my shopping list. 

Fast forward a few days and here we are, foraging for wild garlic so that we can go home and cook with it. 

And what can I say? It’s raining. We came back to the Tramway Museum in Crich. The boys don’t seem to notice the rain and so we still manage to spend the entire day here. 

We followed the leaf identification trail this time, and discovered a few wood carvings that we’d not noticed before. 

The first recipe we tried was found on FarmDrop: Wild Garlic Tearer Sharer.

The second – Cheese and Wild Garlic Scones from Thinly Spread. We plan to try this one tomorrow.

For now, we’re home and dry in pyjamas, while the rain continues to fall outside. 

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