Day 3 – Queen’s Park, Loughborough (30 Days Wild)

Photo Credits: Charnwood Borough Council/The Landscape Group

The boys have been asking to go to Queen’s Park for ages. It must be 6/7 months since we last went. We decided to arrange a trip with the boys’ cousin. 

The park is stunning, and beautifully landscaped. The play area is one of the boys’ favourites and they spend hours going back and forth between all the equipment. 

Charnwood Museum sits at the edge of the park. It is immensely child-friendly and they actively encourage children to participate in the exhibits. The boys could spend hours here tinkering away.

There’s a lot of information on the local landscape and the different types of rock found throughout Leicestershire. There’s also an exhibit on agricultural farming, with stuffed animals showing what wildlife you would expect to find on farm land.

The boys spotted a nest on the lake and spent a while watching the pigeons as they sat eating ice cream. As we were leaving, the rain began to fall softly. It trickled onto skin, a welcome coolness to a long, muggy day spent outside. 

Driving home, I turn to the boys in the car. Heads are resting, jaws slack, eyelids  drooping. It never fails to remind me that getting outdoors is always the best option. I know they’ll sleep well tonight.