Thor’s Cave, Staffordshire

After the sat nav took us down some of the narrowest roads I’ve been down for a long time, we parked up in Wetton and met some friends. It was grey and windy. 

We set off towards the cave, following a well trodden path. We wouldn’t have needed a map, the snaking grooves in the fields told us which way we needed to go. 

The cave itself is phenomenal and I was quite unprepared for just how enormous it is. With several chambers and rock as smooth as silk, I was awestruck. The boys climbed, slipping every so often on the worn rock, water dripping from above us. Their excited voices echoed as they explored. They shone their torches into corners, finding makeshift steps to climb and hollows to investigate. 

Previous excavations of the cave have found both human and animal remains as well as bronze, stone and amber artefacts which suggests the cave was occupied from the end of the Palaeolithic period. The caves (Thor’s Cave and the adjacent Thor’s Fissure Cavern) are also estimated to have contained a minimum of seven burial sites. 

Coming out of the cave, the sky had broken. Not with thin, watery trails of sunshine, but with the full force of spring behind it. It was beautiful. Sitting on top of the cave to eat a picnic, you could almost convince yourself it was June. The views were breathtaking and the sun on my face was much needed. 

The boys returned to the cave for round two, before playing with friends in a nearby field, running and rolling down a hill, digging clay and bug hunting. They were covered in mud from head to foot, their legs aching, but already planning their next visit with bigger torches. 

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